What I like about right now.

Train tracks treasure. Afterlight Untitled Afterlight Afterlight

+ Walking home along the railroad tracks and finding treasures along the way. After years of living near the railroad, I mark the changing of the seasons by the way the sun gleams on the rails in the late afternoon.

 + A long coveted Smokey the Bear Pendelton blanket has recently come into my possession! I love and hate it when Harold rolls around on top if it. As much as I don't want him to dog it all up, being under a blanket without him seems implausible.

 + It is so nice to have a secret place. After getting lost in work for hours at the computer, I know a place I can walk to that no one else goes. (No one else except for the anonymous neighborhood Dads who occasionally escape there to be alone with their tall cans of beer. I'm on to you, Natty Ice.) It's a little annex of woods, surrounded on all sides by telephone poles, sidewalks, driveways and backyards. Whether I'm trespassing, I don't know or care. It's only navigable by deer trails. I always spot their tracks, although I've only seen a deer twice. Where do they hide in that broom closet of a forest? I saw one last week, wondering through a small clearing, nibbling ground cover. We looked at each other. Harold darted toward her with a hoarse cry and she vanished with one leap.


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