Whirly Bird Snack Exchange!

We get really hyped on snacks, and with the 4th annual Snack Surprise right around the corner, I think it's about time you guys get on our level. What I'm proposing is a snack exchange. We've all been told not to accept candy from strangers, but FORGET WHAT YA HEARD.

Let's make this happen.

1. Sign up for the Whirly Bird Snack Exchange here. Your request to participate requires that you provide your mailing address. I will assign you a partner to swap snack packages with. I will try my best to pair you up with someone in a different city to ensure optimum intrigue. There will be an option to list your food allergies, dietary restraints, or if you hate raisins. There will be an option to agree to send internationally, if you are adventurous and generous enough to pay the shipping costs. 

2. The suggested amount to spend on your snack buddy is $10 maximum, plus the cost of shipping.

3. Please come correct. Don't send your partner a half-assed snack pack. Be creative in your pursuit for great snacks! Think about regional treats or local companies that may be hard to find for someone outside of your town. If you are paired up with an international snack pal, send them treats they can't find in their country. What may not be novel to you, may be very exciting to someone in the UK, Australia, or Germany. (Shout out to my faraway readers! Google analytics, represent!) Please choose packaged snacks. Please do not send illegal drugs, poison, or items that will rot, leak, or stink in transit.

4. Deadline to sign up is a week from today, September 30th. After the deadline you will have two weeks to shop and assemble your snack package. Please try to get your package in the mail by October 14th, for International participants, and Oct. 21st for US participants. We want to shoot for receiving snacks by the week of Halloween.

5. Share this post with whoever you think may be interested. The more participants, the more fun we will have. Spreading the word would create a geographically diverse spectrum of snacks, too.

6. Send me photos of the treats you receive. Or post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #wbsnackexchange. I will post the pictures on the blog so we can all revel in your snack bounty.

7. Participate at your own risk. I am not liable if anything bad happens to you, or if you hate your snacks.


P.S. Here are my posts about Snack Surprise, our household tradition that inspired this post: 2012, 2011.


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