Tiny Tuesday! Flying squirrel update.


Last August at Red River Gorge, Kurt witnessed a flying squirrel leap and glide from the eaves of our cabin's porch. I was really sour because I missed it. Over the weekend, we returned to the cabin and our flying squirrel friend made another appearance! We were sitting on the porch after sunset, and I saw him skitter down the cabin's roof and glide into the treetops. He LOOKED at me. 

If you live in a heavily treed neighborhood East of the Great Plains, it is likely that a Southern flying squirrel is already your neighbor. The Northern flying squirrels are slightly larger, and they live in the Northern states and Canada. The guys pictured above are actually Japanese dwarf flying squirrels, who live in the sub-alpine forests of Japan and only grow to be 14-20 cm long.  Most people never see flying squirrels because they are tiny and only venture out of their nests at night. I'm attempting to lure them to our kitchen windowsill with sunflower seeds and peanut butter. The like to live in woodpecker holes in old maple, oak, or hickory trees. 

In other tiny news, did you see this tiny car on Joanna's blog today? 

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