Untitled I came across this in Anna's car and it was good to me.

 channeling Imogene's Antlers | first morning in Alaska | best glove box discovery

Untitled Untitled

Snowbasin chickens | dried flowers, poultry organs


Maple and Me | A good old fashioned chop-off.

Photos by B. Volz: 

hachi husband | Justin and Anna's homestead | grilling from the coop | Meredith | Justin

bride-to-be | fireweed | favorite sisters

Whirly debt. That's what Kurt calls it when I neglect this blog, then go on a posting frenzy to fill in the time gaps.

These are photos from our stay at Justin and Anna's homestead in Alaska. They're creating a magical little home for themselves, built by hand, cozy and hidden amongst the birch trees and fireweed. Anna writes about her life and trials as an Alaskan homesteader on her blog Maple and Me. She covers everything from chicken coops to scrapping building materials from the city dump. All this while reppin' hard in the cutest vintage frocks, too! (And rubber boots and Carhartt's. Let's be real.)

We were in AK on strict party business - to celebrate Justin and Anna's wedding. I stole this photo from Anna's blog. I think it's perfect.  Love these two.



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