Sausage Saturday III

Lemongrass pork sausages / Steamed buns / Onigiri ready for the grill / ¡Paletas!

Last Saturday we held our third annual Sausage Saturday. Every year, Kurt and I roll up our sleeves, dust off the old meat grinder, untangle a few dozen feet of sheep intestines, and crank out rope after rope of fresh sausages to grill for our friends. This year called for more meat, more booze, and at least 50 popsicles. The cookout became more unruly with every passing hour; friendly rounds of lawn games evolved into tossing bottle rockets into the air bare-handed and launching sky lanterns into the neighbor's trees. When it eventually began to storm, a new game was born. It involved cramming ourselves under a small canopy and playing Pass the Bottle of Woodford while our jam box blasted Pop That by French Montana.

Here are some cool photos of our cookout taken by our buddy, Bryan Volz (the man dressed as a hot dog):

This year, we rolled out a pretty disjointed Asian theme. We were influenced by some of our fave Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes ... Yeah, it was all over the place. The thing is, these recipes are some one my favorites for enjoying in the sticky summer heat. In my mind, this menu follows the blueprint for the perfect summer barbecue. I started with a mountain of char grilled meat plus all the accoutrements, crisp refreshing salads/slaws/pickles, supplemented with as many fun, hand-held snacks I could think of (onigiri, paletas, pesche dolci).

The Menu:

Crispy grilled pork belly

Brioche buns - Homemade pickles 

Lemongrass pork sausages
Steamed buns - Sriracha mayo - Daikon carrot slaw
(Recipes for sausage and steamed buns adapted from David Chang's Momofuku cookbook.)

Green papaya salad
(Adapted from What Katie Ate. Recipe found here.)

Yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls) 

Roasted strawberry and buttermilk sherbert
Vietnamese iced coffee 
Toasted coconut
(I'll post recipes for these soon!)


Other things relevant to this post:
+ I have a crush on David Chang.
+ G&T's are my summer cocktail of choice.
+ I haven't worn a pair of pants since I quit my job. I basically wear cut off jean shorts and aqua socks every day.
+ We love having a jawbone for cookouts.
+ I think next year we need one of these.
+ Two years ago

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