Cesiak in Sian Ka'an, Tulum

He's pretty cool I guess.
Breakfast on the rooftop at Ceasiak. / Kurt's ubiquitous local beer vacation photo. / Reading at the beach shack. 
Who needs electricity and running water when the ocean is in your front yard? 
Sunrise chilaquiles
Sunrise over the Carribbean
Beautiful sunrises!

When it comes to beach vacations, I'm a girl gone mild. Who am I kidding, I'm basically non-stop mildin' out, unless prescribed codeine cough syrup, but those are not stories for a public forum. My point is, if our travel destination involves crystal clear waters and powdery white sands, then you better believe my corn-fed, landlocked ass is gonna want to look at the ocean until my eyes shrivel up, sun-dried and salt-cured from the ocean air. I've discovered that this is best done without the distractions of modern conveniences. Wi-fi, electricity, private bathrooms - all over rated when the ocean is crashing a stone's throw from the hammock of your candlelit beach hut.

Before we met our friends for a week in Tulum, we spent the weekend at Cesiak, an eco resort located down a quiet dirt road in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. Our private thatched roof shack was essentially a furnished tent on a wood platform, perched on a jungle ridge overlooking the ocean. I could have lived on the hut's porch alone, facing the shore with Kurt in the hammock, I in the rocking chair. What more do you really need? All of the huts were off the grid, with shared access to a bathhouse at the resort's solar/wind powered restaurant and welcome center.

Of all the beaches we've visited, Cesiak's was the most beautiful. Extra plusses for the friendly staff, delicious chilaquiles, and enormous sunbathing iguanas.


  1. *sigh* that really does look like paradise.

    So what's the next trip planned? That's one of the first things i do when i get back :)

    1. Not certain, but we are leaning toward Spain/Greece next year.

    2. But before that, we're going to ALASKA!

    3. I want to go to all of those places! Why does Australia have to be so far away from EVERYTHING?!

    4. You guys can get to SE Asia and India pretty quickly! That's a pretty good deal.


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