Weekly notes.

Source: Along the silk road, China by Amelia Anderson.

Recipes tried and loved: 
+ I've just fallen in love with the blog-turned-cookbook What Katie Ate . The first recipe I tried from the book was the Vietnamese salad. I love green papaya salads, and this one is made extra awesome with crispy pork belly. The recipe is shared at Simply and Sincerely Food
+ Another new obsession of late is bibimbop. I've make variations of this recipe twice in two weeks! I'm a slave to the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot. 
+ Recently, we decided that out house should have "drink specials." So once a month, we pick a new cocktail to make at home. Last month, I'm not even going to tell you how many Palomas we drank. This month is Pina Coladas.  
+ This cake is currently in the works. Earlier in the week, I candied some blood orange slices for a garnish. I hope they'll last to see the cake. I've already eaten 4. 

(Psst: You can see how I rated them over at Goodreads. Do you have a Goodreads account?)

+ Typography meets white lies at Daily Dishonesty
+ Everything is cuter in Japan. Even the manhole covers
+ An animated rom-com short film? YES. Such a sweet little story. Go watch! 

Nerd alert: 
+ Have you been watching Brian Cox's Wonders of Life? The second episode features my beautiful state of Kentucky. Neat, neat!

To make:
I'm dreaming big when it comes to knitting. Can I do it?! For goals less lofty, there is this heart cut out gift wrap or these hand-carved stamps

Random: A while back I joined a fan club for my favorite potato chip, because I'm kinda dorky like that. One day I returned home to find a surprise package at my doorstep, filled with potato chips! It was the best day ever. This is what's up. Tyrells! 


And the best for last! Here is a link cocktail of good-feels. Many thanks to my husband, who fills my facebook page with so many happy links. 

72-year-old librarian rescues ancient manuscripts from radical extremists.
+ For 40 years, this Russian family was cut off from all human contact.
+ Reunited at last! 
+ A woman builds homes for the poor out of garbage. 
+  Robot kitten
+ !!!


  1. I love the crispy rice at the bottom of bibimbop!! Just writing it makes me want some right now!

  2. I loved this post! (I also loved the photo of the Yurt...I totally want one for a studio someday!) And I LOVED Daily Dishonesty! Thanks for all the new internet goodies! xoxo anna


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