Winter Advisory

Trinkets from our travels. / Husband-made breakfast with The Comics Section from the Panorama
Gameday fandom with Phil and Kurt. 
Clementine / Citrus salad with whipped ricotta, lime juice, and honey.

You know when you look outside and see a sunshiny blue sky, then you glance at the thermometer which reads, "witches tit", and your heart sinks because you just got punked out by the sun? That's kinda what these recent photos do to me.  Oh hi, we're bright and citrus-hued and lovely, but don't get it twisted: It's still January and 15 degrees/ "feels like 8".

Winter advisory:
+ Eat the delicious in-season citrus: cara-cara, moro, ruby red, minneola, clementine, satsuma, kumquat, pomelo!
+ Always choose a window seat, especially while having breakfast.
+ Become a fan and root for something.
+ Take notice of pretty things around you. Spend more time admiring them.

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  1. Goodness, that citrus looks so yummy. Today is one of those teaser kind of days, where it looks so warm out but it is most definitely freezing. Soon enough, spring will be here!


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