Tiny Tuesday: Tortoise survives 30 years in locked store room.


Photo via The Telegraph

Have you guys heard about this craziness? A family's pet red-footed tortoise, Manuela, survived 30 years in a locked store-room. Article highlights: "Manuela was found, alive, inside a box containing an old record player." Assumed to be lost, the tortoise lived amongst junk in perpetual darkness, subsisting solely on termites.

As the story suggests, this species of tortoise is naturally indelible. They've been know to survive two or three years without food or water. They say that cockroaches will inherit the world, but I prefer to imagine post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by red-footed tortoises.

Cheers to Manuela! Here's hoping our friend lives out the rest of her days in the sunshine, with plenty of fruits, grasses, and flowers to munch on.


I know it's not Tuesday. Shush. 


  1. LOOOOOVEEEE this story!!! 1982. wow.

    1. Dude, I know! She was in the store room for the span of my ENTIRE LIFE!

    2. I was just about to say! While i was busy being a baby, he was hanging around eating termites, and wondering how he ended up in a box. I wonder what sort of exciting adventures he'll go on now that he's free to wander!


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