Tiny Tuesday! Nothing's cuter than a pika building a haypile.

Photo sources: Nasim Mansurov via Photographic Life, Eddie Fisher

During my usual afternoon time-suck of scrolling through photos of cute mammals on Google Image Search, I stumbled across a photo of a North American pika holding an unwieldy bouquet of mountain flowers. A portrait of a true gentleman. A narrower photo search revealed hundreds of precious buddies, many with similar bundles of weeds and grasses in their mouths, clearly on their way to someplace important. See for yourself. On the first page alone, I stopped counting after the 40th photo of a pika holding a bouquet. It turns out, this is what a pika does all day. On average, they make 13 foraging trips per hour. After dragging the foliage back to their nests, they construct enormous haypiles to snack on during the winter. They never hibernate, so they are lean, mean, hay eating machines.

If you've read this far, there is a pretty good chance you also would like you watch this clip from the David Attenborough series Amazing Animals:


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    1. I'm so glad! I always hope it makes others as happy as it makes me. Cute stuff is the best.


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