How to take your vitamins.

Le macaron
Looking for a treat inside this pretty macaron? Psych. It's just my daily vitamins and supplements. #thatsmessedup

You would think that a trinket box designed to look like a macaron would hold something delicious. Alas, it's just my daily dose of vitamins and supplements. I think of it as cruel prank to play on any curious busybodies poking around my business. The old vitamin in macaron clothing trick. 

Do you take vitamins? I take a multi, Vitamin D (just in the winter months), and a fish oil supplement. I am the worst at remembering to take mine, so hopefully my pretty pillbox will serve as a handy reminder. Unfortunately, the sweet container does not make them any more delicious. 

My little sister gave me a set of these trinket boxes as a gift, because she knows I love baking macarons.     She is awesome. 

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