Cook, look, learn, love, squee ... (Links!)

Recipes I've tried and loved:
A Scandinavian feast! The lax pudding is a winner. The current issue of Martha Stewart Living really gets me.
Escarole salad with roast lemon chicken, lardons, and poached eggs - You'll find no better salad dressing than a poached egg, lemon juice, and pan drippings. Mmm.
Creamed mushroom on chive-butter toasts - So simple, but so delicious. I can't wait to try these with morels this spring.
Caramelized fennel scalloped potatoes -  We made this with our own special addition, soft ripened truffle cheese! Oh la la.

Currently reading:
The Martha RulesFaviken. Darling Magazine. Up next: Hologram for the King.

Documentary binge:
Lately we've watched so many stellar documentaries, and the list couldn't be more diverse: Good Hair, The Other Dream Team, Bones Brigade. Let me just say, my interests can't be any more removed from African American hair, Olympic basketball, or skateboarding, yet these documentaries illuminated all three subjects and each was intensely captivating. I actually teared up just watching the trailer for The Other Dream Team! I love a good underdog sports story. My family is from Indiana, so rooting for the underdog has been ingrained in me since early childhood screenings of Rudy and Hoosiers.

Listen: The first act of this week's This American Life is hilarious, gross, and totally absurd. These three things often make up the bulk of my thoughts. Spoiler/warning: It's about pork bungs. Yes, bungs.

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And now, to lighten your hearts for the weekend ahead, here are some links that will create the perfect storm of good feelings.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I collect pick-me-ups. You can see them all here.

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