Big Knits with Blue Sky Alpaca



Knitting is my favorite thing to do these days, with a cup of coffee and a good podcast. In the winter, I always have my needles with me, in case I want to knit on the bus or stab an attacker when walking under the shady overpass near my office.

Over the holidays I knit a few circle scarves for dear buddies. These pictured are just simple variations on the Jane Richmond Marian pattern I posted a while back. My favorite yarn for thick and quick jobs is Blue Sky Alpaca's bulky alpaca/wool blend. This yarn is so soft and dreamy, I'm half tempted to build a giant cocoon out of it, in which I will live out the rest of my days. If a new me hatched from an alpaca yarn cocoon, would I emerge an alpaca?

Oh, and THIS:

I taught Kurt how to knit last night.

I taught Kurt how to knit last weekend. After I went to bed that night, he stayed up and knit until 3 AM while watching space documentaries. When I woke up to go to work the next morning, he sleepily asked from his side of the bed, "Did you see my towel?" His towel: a 3"x5" knit square, still in progress. Cute, cute.

Fun fact: When he worked in construction, he'd "crochet" his extension chords so they wouldn't get tangled. Clever man, that one.

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My knitting/crochet Pinterest Board.
Favorite podcasts to knit to: Radiolab, The Story, Spilled Milk, This American Life

Do you like to knit? (If so, what are you working on?) What is your favorite podcast? I'd love to know!


  1. They look so cozy! 2 stitches/inch makes such a nice and squishy fabric. I'm impressed with your husband's knitting skills, too!

    Clearing I'm a knitting freakazoid, so I'm always working on something. : ) I just cast on for this sweater:

    I like to listen to knitting podcasts (although it's hard to find ones that are well-done and not too rambling or with bad audio) but my favorite non-knitting is Stuff You Should Know. Their latest episode investigates the facts behind the 5 second rule. Highly recommended!

    1. Thanks, Dayna! I got so many compliments on my first one, so I decided to make more for Christmas gifts. I still haven't moved on to sweaters, unless you count the one I made for Harold. The Quince & Co. cardigan is beautiful, it's actually on my "If I get good enough, I want to knit this" list. I'm going to try a pattern of theirs for a hat soon. I'm excited to try their yarn.

      I will definitely subscribe to the Stuff You Should Know Podcast. Good call.

    2. Their yarn is my favorite. One of my local yarn stores just started carrying it, and the first time I went I stood in front of the shelf for about 35 minutes just staring and petting it. It's awesome quality, and USA-made too - bonus!

      I hope you enjoy SYSK - Josh and Chuck make me laugh a lot, and I always learn something new. They're actually just starting a TV show on the Science Channel too - it premieres tomorrow I think!

    3. I wish there was more yarn petting in my life - The Knit Nook closed, you know. I order most of my yarn now. Also, have you seen Quince & Co's guest posts on the blog, Frolic? Such cute ideas. I think I will make the hat that was posted there.

  2. I listen to a few podcasts religiously, but my current favorite is Snap Judgement. It's from NPR and includes all these crazy stories of things people have done/witnessed/experienced. What can you recommend podcast-wise?

    1. Oooh, I will add Snap Judgement to my podcast subscriptions. Thanks! Right now I love American Public Media's The Story. Also, my old standbys are Radiolab and This American Life. TAM has a pretty amusing piece on imitation calamari this week that made me laugh and feel ill all at once. Haha

  3. I know exactly which calamari piece you mean. :)


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