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I am sentimental. I like to reminisce as much as the next sap, but instead of sharing my favorite moments of the past year, I thought it would be interesting to share your favorites instead. These are the posts that got the most clicks in 2012. [Click the photo to be taken to the original post.] For auld lang syne, my dears! Thanks for reading Whirly Bird.

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1-6. My most popular posts this year were all food related. You guys know that a good snack is the key to my heart, and evidently, we have this in common. Heck yes!


7. In June, we traveled to Southeast Asia, and explored the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. 8. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and Kurt re-invented the traditional anniversary gift guide. (Year 2 was hamburgers.) 9. In Cambodia, Kurt ate an assortment of deep-fried insects, and lived to tell about it on YouTube.


10. My BFF got married! I was so excited to help craft her beautiful wedding. 11. I shared a Christmas memory from my childhood. On this post, I received some of the sweetest comments ever. 12. Here's a look through the lens of Bryan Volz, our intrepid travel companion during the Vietnam/Cambodia adventure. 13. Kurt and I tested the waters of entrepreneurship, and started a part-time bakery business.

2012-13 2012-12
2012-11 2012-9

14. Snippets of our daily life. Pups! Beer! A nerdy Tattoo! 15. Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken of Louisville, documenting our fickle March weather. 16. Summer good times. 17. Our favorite camping spot. 18. Louisville's golden boy. 19. Dog-friendly watering holes.


20. We peddled our treats at the Flea Off Market. 21. Color study. 22. Our favorite weekend get-away. 23. We embarked on a quest for the best Kentucky barbecue. A Barbequest.


24. Road Trip: Chicago 25. Springtime in Louisville. 26. Cincinnati love.


Why aren't there any Tiny Tuesdays? Well, it's a funny thing, you see. It turns out that you guys love the living daylights out of some Tiny Tuesdays, so much that the first gazillion ranked pages were ALL Tiny Tuesdays. No duh, right? Who doesn't love Finnegan the squirrel or a photo montage featuring baby chicks wearing hats?  As far as I'm concerned, these are the crowning jewels of the Internet. In order to make this year-in-review business more diverse, I opted to omit the Tinies.  Not because we don't love them, but because my real life's musings can't hold a candle to a video of a slow loris holding a cocktail umbrella. Don't worry, you can scroll through all the Tiny Tuesdays right here

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