Tiny Tuesday! Elves gone wild.

Elf-in-a-box via Babble

While I'm all for staging delightful miniature scenes for my loved ones to discover, I've never gotten behind the Elf of the Shelf craze. It's the Elf, man. He's got that creepy doll thing going on; He is what nightmares are made of. Besides, from what I know of the children's book that accompanies the doll, the story is straight up Orwellian, meant to manage children's behavior through the ominous context of surveillance the consumerist threat of "be good or you won't get what you want for Christmas." Ho ho, baby's first anxiety attack!

With that said, I do appreciate the hilarious photos of elves in compromising positions circulating the Internet. Need to see more? Check them out here and here.

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  1. Bahahaha That just made my day.. I'm not sure if I can look at the shelf elf the same now!


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