We're a week into December already, but here's a little look at last month, which marked the beginning of the great feasting that occurs between Thanksgiving and Super Bowl. (Growing up, the "holiday season" extended  to include the Super Bowl. That Sunday marked the end of the festivities, and only then could we take down the Christmas tree.)

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Last night's rosemary+maldon crostini, after drying in the oven. For eating with Parmesan and honey! @thatonechristina
Here I go again with the old lady cookies. This time I made my own version of amaretti cookies. I did a chocolate and a ginger-spice batch, all with dark chocolate feet! Untitled

In the kitchen: 
+ Thanksgiving dinner: smoked goose, pumpkin gnocchi, crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon and balsamic, celery root-fennel-apple salad, roasted peewee potatoes. 
+ Orange, fennel and black pepper challah
+ Rosemary crostini (for serving with Parmesan and honey)
+ Chocolate and spice amaretti cookies with dark chocolate feet

I like wine. 
My smiley parents. Still kickin' it as besties, although they've been divorced for 20 years. 

Two buddies out for a stroll.
Galloping through the woods. #italiangreyhound

My favorite thing to do on a holiday is to go for a walk. I must make time to get outside, especially after a long night in the kitchen. Ironically, a little exercise is the best way for me to relax. It is usually my mind that needs relaxing, not my body, and seeing our dogs galloping through the woods behind my neighborhood is very therapeutic. There's also something about walking around the block and seeing my neighbors welcoming guests, bringing in firewood, throwing a football. Everyone waves from their driveways. It's cheerful. The world slows down, and you can see it. I remember vividly every Christmas morning dog walk or Thanksgiving bike ride. {Some favorite photos from past holiday walks, herehere and here.} 


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