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Grant Park

Hi, hi! We just made our annual pilgrimage to Chicago to visit some buddies. This time our friend Bryan tagged along, so this post is scattered with lots of his awesome photos. Yesssss!

When we are visiting, there never seems to be enough time for all the people we want to see, places we want to go, food we want to eat. It can be quite tricky to narrow down our plan of action to fit into a weekend. Here are some highlights from this year's Chicago to-do list.

1. Eat too much Szechuan food in China Town.
Too much food
Double Li

2. Drinks at Owen and Engine.
56cff17a3b8011e2884a22000a9f1588_6 chicago7
I had a whole pot of fancy, spiked hot chocolate all to myself. The rest of the table downed shots of Malort, among other things. Chicagoans like to play tricks on their unassuming victims by buying them shots of this disgusting wormwood liquor with notable rotten corpse undertones. P.S. The burger and scotch egg at Owen and Engine were insanely good! We went to this place two night in a row!

3. Crush some Hot Doug's!
I'm told that there is always a line that wraps around this building. We got there when it opened at 10:30 AM (hot dog breakfast, anyone?) and waited 40 minutes, but dudes, it was totally worth it. We ordered the foie gras and Sauternes duck sausage with truffle aioli, Jack Daniels and fennel pork sausage with sage mustard and crispy fried onions, and the elk-antelope-buffalo sausage with peppadew dijonaise and St. Nectaire. Served with duck fat fries. WHAT!

4. Visit the Christkindlmarkt, drink Gluhwein out of a boot.
Christmas Market
Christmas Market
The Christkindlmarkt was bonkers. I escaped the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd with this commemorative boot mug.

5. Snack break at The Boulangerie.
treat sharing
Cannelles and macarons!

6. Drink ALL of the coffee.
image (6)
Bryan and I, cracked out on coffees.

7. Go to a Bulls Game. We were really stoked about our first NBA game. GO BULLS!
See also: pre-game stoked, post-game stoked (Bulls won!)

8. Visit so many buddies!!!
chicago1 chicago9
 image (4)
image (2) image (3)
Millennium Park good times
From top, left: Kurt + Katy / Me + Katy / Corey + Maude / Kurt + Andrew / Me + Beth x 2/ 
Coffee break at Millennium Park

9. Stay with our pal, Katy. Love on her precious border collies, Charlie and Sadie.

10. Brunch at Jam.
Brunch pancakes
Pink peppercorn and cherry french toast, pork shoulder egg sandwich, quince pancakes.

11. Stock up on Chicago pizzas. Never leave home without a stack of frozen Lou Malnati's!

{A peek at one of our past visits.}

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  1. I live in Chicago now! Lou Malnatis is the bomb. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! Yay!


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