A Winter Essential!

He just needs a smoking jacket.
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Harold by the "fireplace."

Beneath the thin, silky coat of an Italian Greyhound is the fragile, pink skin of a papaw. Harold's neck and belly dons a barely-there downy fuzz, and weighing in at only 13 pounds, he is prone to shivering. Preparing for winter entails helping Harold create the maximum number of hot spots within the confines of our 700 square foot condo. Cozy cave: Check. Heating pad: Got it. One of those heat rocks for iguanas? He's not above it. 

Recently we invested in this small space heater, cleverly disguised as a retro-kitsch fireplace, with dancing faux flames. We bought it for a dog. I mean, duh, it matched his bed. We also bought it because we thought the comforting glow and ambient warmth may increase the hygge of the character deficient, 70's era cracker box we call home. I must say, nothing compliments imitation walnut floors better than an imitation fireplace.

Harold's priorities (in this order: warmth, snacks, pets) are shockingly similar to my own. Harold loves the "fireplace" only slightly more than I do. His days of burrowing in laundry baskets/ couch cushions/ pant legs is over. All he wants to do is sit on his tuffet in front of the heated forced air, and sleepily stare at the mesmerizing faux flames and pulsating embers. It's pretty adorable. Dare we switch off the heat on a warm day? He'll circle the box and nose the glass. He'll attempt to make it light up again by pawing at the vent. Basically, this is happening.

Perhaps the best part is that while I did purchase a heating appliance for a dog (It's a charmed life, isn't it?), we've yet to turn on the furnace, our home is still toasty, and our electric/gas bill is only half of what we usually pay. Hell yes for impulse buys that turn out to be practical and efficient! Who knew that my maniacal obsession with my pets would pay off. Next thing you know, I'll be starring in the American version of this show. (Do I need to mention that this is my favorite show?)

P.S. In case you wanted to know what Mule, our senior hound, thinks about the Dimplex Mini Cube, he is completely unimpressed. At first, he recognized the value of the fire box, based on his brother's wild enthusiasm, but when he plopped down in front to see for himself, he immediately started to pant, with a pained look on his face that said, "Am I doing this right?" This is because Mule is a REAL DOG, with an adequate amount of fur, not some alien, shivering, long-legged, twerp.

Dog bed and/or pillow.
Kurt can do it too!

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  1. 'comforting glow and ambient warmth may increase the hygge of the character deficient, 70's era cracker box we call home' is such a wonderfully descriptive phrase! Sort of like when I call the outdoor area around the Garagehome 'the kind of place a serial killer would live.' (but I like yours better!)

    This was an awesome post. You made me want both an Italian Greyhound that I could dress in grandfather cardigans and place in front of a space heater and that awesome rug that is now on the floor of your living room.


    ps. After seeing the photos of your new flooring I've about 95% convinced Maple to put in flooring over the cement floors of the Garagehome...it just looks so much classier. We're classy people you know. Classy people...living in a Garagehome.


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