Snack Surprise 2012

Untitled Snack Surprise Day 1: Kurt
Snack Surprise Day 2: licorice all sorts (Kurt) Untitled
Snack Surprise Day 2: Strrrooooopppee Waffle, Collector's Tin !!1111! Snack Surprise Day 3: ballin'  dunkaroo$.
The circus peanut: poor man's torrone? Untitled

Treats! Snacks! Our Snack Surprise tradition is going strong. Last week marked our third annual snack exchange and movie marathon. Note to the confused: Not unlike the off-kilter plot of an It's always Sunny in Philadelphia episode, Kurt and I have made up many traditions, games and holidays. Snack Surprise is the second most celebrated event of the year, second only to Black Friday Bunker Day, with Sausage Saturday trailing closely behind. In case you missed last year's Snack Surprise briefing, it goes like this:
Snack Surprise has evolved over the years, but the premise is pretty straight forward. Every October, we watch a marathon of spooky movies during the week leading up to Halloween. We each amass a hoard of surprise snacks for each other, a snack for each night. It's doesn't have to be candy. It could be a beer, a wedge of stinky cheese or a bowl of popcorn - just whatever you know the other person fancies. The only rules are that the snacks should be small, single servings and that they are within our predetermined budget. Before the movie starts, I'll say, "Close your eyes!" and retrieve Kurt's snack from its hiding place. "Open!" I'll exclaim, presenting his treat in my open palm. Then its his turn. We laugh. I eat mine while doing a sort of seated dance, then spend the rest of the evening yelling words that don't exist at zombies on the television, clutching Mule for emotional support during the scary parts. 
As you can see, I documented this year's festivities. Snacks not pictured: Beers (Bell's Two Hearted and Bell's Porter), Moon Pie, chocolate covered honey comb, Calbee shrimp flavored chips. Can you guess which ones were for Kurt?


Do you have any unique traditions or made up holidays? Growing up, we were always creating new ways to celebrate. I guess I've inherited this tendency from my Dad, who introduced my siblings and I to the Ham Toss. Every time he bought a whole ham, we'd all line up, jittery with excitement. "Ham Toss! Ham Toss!" we'd cheer. Dad would go down the line, tossing us the awkward, hulking ham. Each catch rewarded a step back, until we were lobbing the ham all the way down the hallway. It was so ridiculous, we usually fell over laughing. Yay!


  1. i love your annual traditions :)

  2. I love your annual traditions as well! Snack Surprise is going to be instituted in Snowbasin pretty soon (and documented with my approximately 445th reference to your blog...) xoxo anna

    1. That's awesome. Next year we should do a snack surprise mail exchange!

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