Little notes.

Business lunch.  

Recently tested recipes {we love}:
Mashed root vegetables with bacon vinaigrette / seared savoy cabbages with crisped sausages / earl grey shortbread cookies / Old Fashionedsss / crack! / a neat way to cook eggs.

Pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Laugh tears: "They do this."

I recently made an easy batch of olive oil and lemon body scrub and packed it into cute little jars for future impromptu gift giving. You bet I saved one for myself, and boy howdy, my alligator skin in thanking me. Here is the recipe.

Currently working on making the ever-popular homemade snow globes of Pinterest fame.  It's been a great excuse to browse the dollhouse section of the craft store. How about a snow globe featuring a miniature lobster dinner? Or just a tiny bottle of whiskey? That seems suitable.

An enchanted island of centenarians! 

Pretty pumped about the new Dust Bowl documentary series that debuted last night on PBS. It's my favorite era of American history.

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  1. I loved this post! Making snowglobes...now I just want to make snowglobes with little hipsters reading out-of-print books and getting tattoos.

    Thanks also for the heads-up about the new documentary! I'll tell Maple and it will totally look like I spent the afternoon searching out new and fresh documentaries for us to watch - instead of obsessively reading your blog - which would be what I actually do...



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