Black Friday Bunker Day is fast approaching!

Instead of doing this, I invite you to join us (in spirit) this Friday for an official day of snack-fueled hermitage within the confines of your very own blanket fort/sleeping bag/cozy hiding place. Batten down the hatches, muddle yourself a cocktail, and watch a Bourne movie or four. (What is it with me and Jason Bourne this week?! Oh, right, I love him.) It's all about getting mild, not wild. 

In case you're new here, Black Friday Bunker Day is a four-year strong tradition at Whirly Bird. For a comprehensive guide to BFBD, check out last year's post

This year, we'll be drinking Old Fashioneds with our very first BFBD guest, Andy, a good friend visiting from his Floridian paradise. We're gonna watch the entire recent season of No Reservations while eating charcuterie, only slightly inebriated. Yay us!

• • • • • 

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