Through someone else's lens.

Having a friend who is a photographer is pretty dang cool. Typically, these folks have their DSLRs attached to their faces whenever they leave the house, and if you can get them to hang out with you enough, eventually you'll make your way into their beautiful, thoughtfully curated Flickr galleries. This is the case when it comes to our good friend, Bryan Volz, who has been documenting the punk shows, road trips, cookouts, cabin weekends, parties, and everything else that's made up the last decade of our lives. Most of the time, we don't even notice when he's clicking away, so it's always a pleasure to discover his photographs days later, to see what he saw, our likenesses obliviously shifting from to frame to frame in the background.

Bryan accompanied us on our trip and took approximately a gazillion-bazillion photos. Most of which can be seen on his Flickr, but here are some of my favorites. You can click the photos to see them larger in his photostream, where he's also written some detailed captions. This is the last installment of Vietnam/Cambodia posts.

Kurt & Nam
Kurt, Bryan and I at the Reunification Palace in HCMC. / Kurt and Nam, his cylco driver. 

Mystery sticks
Bánh xèo
Banh Xeo kitchen & seating
Pork skewers / Ban Xeo / Typical open air restaurant kitchen in Vietnam. 

Saigon Traffic
A very sweaty walk to the Ban Xeo restaurant. / Scooters and wires everywhere. / Horseman. 

Shop dog #1
Temple dog
There was a resident dog at every shop entrance and temple. 

Monk & kids
Angkor sales kid
Angkor kid
Hey Cop!
People of Angkor: Monk with child / children who work / Bryan and his cop friend.

Sticky rice
A monkey family boards a tuk-tuk! / Having a snack. 

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Scenes from Angkor. / Bryan (self portrait)

Presidential coi
Hanoi traffic
Athena / Pagoda on the lake (Hanoi) / Koi children. / 
What is this man thinking about? / View from our hotel balcony. 

Halong Bay
Halong Bay
Halong Bay fishing
Ha Long Bay

Hoi An rice paddies
Paddies and mountains
Rice paddies

Cửa Đại
Kurt / Me / Beachin' it

An Bang Beach
Cham Island
Cham Island
Coconut break! (Athena, Hilary) / Cham Island

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