Cricket. Cricket.

Hoi An rice paddies

This place is a ghost town. A very adorable ghost town, at least, haunted solely by Tiny Tuesdays.

I returned home from Southeast Asia with an infinite collection of photos and stories, and felt immense pressure to document, share, show, and tell. I planned to plaster this blog with travel stories and photo posts weeks ago, but couldn't get over the initial hurdle of editing that enormous collection of photos, let alone summing up those two incredible weeks into one concise, blog-ready package.

You know when you are standing before something really breathtaking, so you take a picture, but no matter how you adjust your lens or where you stand, the photograph never truly captures the way it looks in person? Blogging is like a photograph, too. In some cases, you can show the world only what you want to share, posed to perfection, cropping out all the bad parts. But other times, there's not enough room in the photo to fit all the feelings, everything you've learned, the looks on people's faces, the reek of a durian in the hot sun ...

I've decided to say to hell with trying, and settle for a good old fashioned photo dump instead. I'll even abbreviate the stream of pictures with a note here and there, perhaps a paragraph of rambling, you know how I do. The point is, my stand off with blogger is over, and I've opened the vacation photo flood gates. I'm like that uncle who forces you to watch his vacation slide show of last year's Caribbean cruise. Who is ready to see pics Linda swimming with the dolphins?


  1. I've been so hopeless with my blog lately. And I found myself feeling weird for posting so many photos of Sri Lanka because I've read complaints on other blogs saying they can't stand holiday photo dumps. Now I'm thinking 'hang on a second! It's my space, why on earth do i care if no one wants to see my tonne of photos?"

    So photo dump away, I love seeing your pics and everything you write about your travels!

    1. I'd love to see your photos! Actually, photo posts are my favorite, but maybe I'm just nosey? Anyway, I just love seeing your pictures, holidays or not.

      I have thought that maybe I've gone overboard with the photos, or maybe people are tired of hearing about our trip. Meh. I ultimately posted them because I like to collect these things here, in this medium, like a scrapbook almost. In the end, I find that most people don't mind.

      When planning a trip, I find blogs and personal photos so helpful as opposed to travel websites. I prefer to look back on other people's experiences as a guide. I still remember some of the blogs I poured over when reading about Cambodia. I often get comments on old posts, form people researching Costa Rica or Sweden. I think it's so cool!


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