Travelogue: That time Kurt ate bugs.


Like most of our travels, the biggest motivator in visiting Southeast Asia was the opportunity to taste new and exciting foods. We love to eat at Vietnamese restaurants, but we knew that a bowl of pho in Louisville could never stack up to the real thing in Saigon. And what about all the other tasty dishes we've never tried, the ones annexed from menus across America, thanks to Westerners' aversion to say, pig's blood as soup broth, or farty smelling fruits? We boarded the plane with open minds, willing to try anything once. I'd say this video is a testament to our success. 

Standing at a roadside market in Cambodia, Kurt tried some insect snacks popular amongst the locals. People there eat insects fried and salted like potato chips. They're a good source of protein, and easy to come by. First he ate a tarantula, plucked live from a basket crawling to the brim with the hairy-legged captives. Spidey was fried in oil until crispy. Ever a gentleman, Kurt broke off a leg for our pals to try, then down the hatch they went. Next, Kurt ate a gnarly, giant cockroach, head and all, fried in the same manner. 

I ate these guys
I ate him too
Bowl of spiders. / Roach snack. 

The verdict: Apparently, once you get over the fact that you're eating a creepy crawly, the flavor isn't all bad. In fact, not counting the squishy middle of the roach (bad), Kurt compared the crispy parts to the flavor of sunflower seeds. In retrospect, he says, "I'd eat the spiders on a regular basis. The roach tasted like a practical joke."

So, have I thoroughly grossed you out, yet? Have you ever eaten bugs? Would you? 


  1. I bypassed the buggy streetfood stands in Thailand last time, and sorta wished I'd tried them once we came back. Maybe this time I'll do it! (maybe not the roaches. Although I eat shrimp and BRian calls that the cockroach of the sea)


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