Tiny Tuesday in Cambodia.

Our travel buddies, Hilary, Athena, Bryan and myself with the Khmer girls at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Does anyone remember my very first Tiny Tuesday post? It is one of my favorite Whirlies ever. I wrote about my love of small things, and the theory that my affinity for them stems from the fact that I've always felt like quite the opposite: Giant. Big since birth, in fact, weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs. Of course, I'm over my adolescent hang-up about being the awkward, gangly girl in a back brace, I wish I could have transported my twelve-year-old self to Cambodia, so she could glimpse into her fleetingly glamorous future, where Khmer girls of the same age gasped and marveled at my height, reached out to touch my pale skin, with their eyes fixed on my blond hair. There we were, at Angkor Wat, a World Wonder, and while throngs of tourists were photographing the magnificent ancient city, a group of giddy Cambodian girls approached us and asked if we would pose in a photograph with them. We were honored, but confused. Photos with us? But why? Did they mistake us for celebrities? Surely not our sweaty, sunburned asses. Moments before the shutter clicked, the girls closed in around me. Hilary jokingly pointed out that they were the Harajuku Girls to my Gwen Stefani. After this photo, one of the girls looked up with wide eyes and said, "Thank you. You are just so very tall!" She was the sassy one to my left. Her gesture says it all.

PS: I know it's not Tuesday, but jet lag is the pits. 

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