Tiny Tuesday: Mini Campers


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Hi there, Tiny Tuesdayers. My miniature obsession this week is all about tiny campers, caravans and tow-behind trailers. As summer (and vacation!) approaches, my daydreams tend to lean toward the wanderlust ilk, and I would SO love to rig one of these little babes to the Scion and go on an adventure. Hell, after three years of our condo being on the market, I'm likely to turn tail from real estate all together, retreat to the beach, and call one of these home. How bad could it be, right?

Until I work up the gumption, maybe I should opt for something like this. I'm sure our titmice would be thrilled.


  1. Love the third one down!! We have an Eriba Puck which is really diddy! Fabulous!!


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