About Town: Pupuseria y Taqueria Santa Rosa

From top: Pupusas! / Kurt laying waste to two pupusas, onion salad, and a lengua taco.

Sometimes we discover a new restaurant that we love so much that we want everyone to know about it. Off-the-beaten-path exotic diners always evoke in me a sense of urgency (panic) resulting in frequent patronage or extremely enthusiastic Yelp reviews, as if they'll disappear someday as randomly and mysteriously as they were stumbled upon. This is especially the case with Pupuseria y Taqueria Santa Rosa, a Salvadoran restaurant that specializes in the delicious, albeit lesser-known (around here) snack, pupusas.  Selfishly, I want the folks behind Santa Rosa to become fantastically successful pupusa moguls, so that I may enjoy their pupusas forever.

Have you had a pupusa before? They are traditional Salvadoran masa flatbreads, formed by hand, and stuffed with different fillings, like refried beans, cheese, pork, or loroco (a vine flower bud from central America). The pupusas are patted into flat, round disks and fried on a griddle until golden and crispy. Alongside your pupusas, you'll always find a heap of curtido, a feathery-light cabbage slaw, lightly fermented with a splash of vinegar. At Santa Rosa, pupusas are also served with a piquant tomato salsa, but that's not where you'll find the heat. If you like SPICY, reach for the tub of onion salad that adorns every table. It's like a spicy pickled mixture of onions, chiles, carrots and sweet peppers. Ah-oooga! 

For a very small cost, two people can have a FEAST for 15 bucks. Aside from pupusas, they also serve a mean taco, as well as interesting yucca and coconut desserts, fruity drinks, coconut juice and Mexican sodas. The menus advertise amazing specials on the weekends, including a massive bowl of seafood stew I can't wait to try. Everything I've tasted is excellent.

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From Top: Spicy onion salad / Kurt vs. spicy onion salad / Me, enjoying a jugo de coca.

Kurt eats like a feral dog when he's excited. Sometimes in the feeding frenzy, food gets stuck in his sinuses, which is what is happening in the above right photo. Ow, Spicy onions! Slow down there, tiger. He claims that Santa Rosa is his new favorite restaurant, even trumping his beloved Las Gorditas. He's driven there from the other side of town multiple times to quench his pupusa craving - even twice in one day! Now, the sweet Salvadoran ladies behind the counter giggle when he walks in the door. They must find his enthusiastic praise in broken Spanish quite endearing. 


Go there: 
Pupuseria y Taqueria Santa Rosa
4231 Talyor Blvd
Louisville KY, 40215
Open 'til 9 on weekdays, 10PM on weekends.
Cash Only.


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