Tiny Tuesday! Printstagram!


Check it out. You can make tiny photo books with your Instagram photos! You could leave a stack of them near your baseboards so your mouse friends have something to read while they are at the doctor's office. Or sneak one into your kid's lunch box! Or! They'd fit perfectly tucked inside one of those ridiculously small shirt pockets that Target puts on their women's tees. Flip through the pages while having a tiny cup of coffee. Give one to a pygmy slow loris. Put one in your mouth, just because you can.

From Prinstagram:

"Is there any cuter way to show off your pics than this? The photo quality is surprisingly great, and Tinybooks even magnet together or to your fridge. Each book has 24 photos and you get 3 books with each order. If you choose 24 Instagram photos, you'll get 3 of the same book, choose 72 images for 3 unique books."

Tinybooks measure only 1.7" inches x 1.5" inches.
3 books for $10.


Thanks, Mike Bigtime, for sharing this piece of tiny news.

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