Tiny Tuesday! Finnegan the Squirrel

Finnegan the Squirrel, via Snopes (TRUE!) 

I realize that this has been making it's way around the Internet for a while, but it is my personal mission to ensure that some cute memes never die. There's always going to be some deprived soul who hasn't seen photos of a mother dog snuggling her adoptive baby squirrel son. In fact, I need to tell you something. ::deep breath:: I was that someone, until this morning. Thankfully, my sweet friend Brandy showed me whatsup in an email forward. It was a hard pill to swallow, knowing that thousands of moms with AOL email addresses knew about Finnegan the Squirrel before I did.

You guys. Don't let me miss this stuff. You know what to do > johannainman @ gmail dot com.

Happy Tiny Tuesday!

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  1. that second last picture is adorable!! how i haven't seen this circulating around the internet, i do not know.


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