Barbeque Birthday

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Taking turns in the hammock. / A birthday present: Barbecue, History of and American Institution.
For Kurt's birthday, his one request was to lay in his hammock all day, drink beer and barbecue a massive quantity of meat. A brisket, actually, to be marinated, smoked and babied for 11 hours in our new hand-me-down smoker. We packed up the car, filled a cooler with Oberon, and headed to his Mom's backyard for a full day of laziness, only punctuated with hourly breaks to check on the brisket, and mop it with our homemade sauce. In the evening, lots of friends came by for a taste, and we drank on the patio until late in the night.

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Meat Master
 Summer drinks. / Delicious pretzel croissant! / Corns on the fire pit, / Brisket master (me), 
post-run. / Pork Belly for braising and grilling. / Brisket in its 11th hour.  

I used this Kansas City Brisket recipe, and we smoked this beast for 11 hours. Fantastic. Served with elotes, a vinegar slaw, brioche buns, plus fresh baked cookies from my new Milk Bar cookbook.


No backyard barbecue is complete without a sky lantern launch!


P.S. Our barbecue obsession began here, in case you missed it.

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