Tiny Tuesday! A 12" tall antelope!

Photo sources: Adult male dik dik via Kulphoto, Abore child holding (full grown!) dik dik by Antonio Perezrio, baby dik dik by Press Association via Zooborns, dik dik (original source unknown) via Pinterest.

A dik dik is the world's smallest antelope. Fully grown, they stand only 12-14" tall and weigh between 10-15 pounds. Dik diks live in the bushlands of Eastern and Southern Africa. The males have stumpy, backward sloping horns, often hidden beneath a naturally sassy faux hawk. As you can see, their eyelashes are ridiculous. Below the inside corners of each eye, they have a funny gland that secretes sticky brown goop. Sometimes they jab twigs and grasses into the gland hole to scent-mark their territory. Unlike many antelope, dik diks do not live in herds, but gosh, wouldn't that be amazing? I'd see a dik dik herd and faint immediately from squee exhaustion. Alas, the herd alternative is quite charming: Dik diks are completely monogamous and live together in pairs, forever together, happily ever after, or until one is eaten by a monitor lizard. They are named after the sound of the female's warning calls: "Dik! Dik! Dik! Dik!"


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