38 hours in Cincinnati


Kurt and I felt like a little change of scenery, so we drove an hour and a half up the road to Cincinnati to visit friends and wander around for the weekend. I've grown to like this little town tucked in the hills. Like Louisville, the landscape is green and leafy, speckled with pretty Victorian houses and ancient graffiti'ed warehouse buildings. Riverboats chug along the city's shore and the streets are tangled in a web of train tracks (I've become quite partial to the boats and trains of the Midwest. There's a railroad outside my living room window and the Ohio River is behind my office.)


First, we attended a dinner at Please. It was a lovely 3-hr affair, eating course after course of Ryan Santos' delicious food. We sat at the place's huge and only table, eating and chatting amongst strangers. I'll share more about Please later, but for now, here is a picture of pineapple weed tea. It tastes just like it sounds - sweet and refreshing. Pineapple weed grows all around these parts. Who knew it would be so tasty?


The next morning, we stopped at Sidewinders for coffees. The coffee shop has a pet bunny, named Patrick Swayze, who lived outside on the back patio. He hops around freely, enthusiatically seeking pets. I visited him twice between latte sips.


We walked all the way from Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine, to Taste of Belgium downtown. Crepes and waffles for lunch! The best.

Relaxing in the park.


Our trip ended with beer and pizza at Adriatico's, followed by a walk to the Shepard Fairey piece in Northside. Then we met up with our friends for more drinks at Neons, where there are life-size Jenga sets and a bocce ball court. Someone brough their cute oaf of a dog, who sat with his head hovering over the bocce ball court, his eyes following each ball with burning intensity. He wanted to play so badly.


Our trip also yielded a visit to Ikea, where we finally found a frame for this rad Tin Tin print. Success! 


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