New red Vans! Stocking up on sneakers. These minty green ones are next. 

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Scenes from a weeknight supper: A begging pup, a regular dinner guest, gnocchi with pancetta, roasted cherry tomatoes, kale, Parmesan and salted pepitas. 

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Harold's wrinkly old man neck. / Margarita buddies: John, Shannon, and Wayne (not pictured).

While I'm at work, Kurt has been taking the pups on morning morel hunts in the woods nearby.  

Last week I worked long hours, even on Saturday. I was pooped! Luckily, I have a sweet husband who surprised me with my favorite treats and brought me breakfast in bed. What a catch. 

Of course, no Lately post would be complete without our weekly pre-consumption photos of beer and meat. From top: beautiful and locally raised lamb rib chops, snacks (braciola, prosciutto and mozzarella stuffed pickled peppers, Capriole's Old Kentucky Tomme, country ham, soppressata), Tripel Karmeliet.


  1. Your Harold is adorable!! My fiance and I are actually trying to find an Iggy puppy to adopt. Any advice or suggestions?

    1. Hi Nicole! I live in Louisville, KY and there is a Greyhound rescue called Shamrock (http://www.greyhoundsofshamrock.org/). They mostly find homes for retired racing greyhounds, but they also deal with igs and whippets too. Perhaps check and see if there is a similar outfit near you? I have noticed there are many rescue igs listed on Petfinder.com. You can type in your location and it will show you those within a certain mile radius. Harold is actually from a breeder. If you go that route, be sure to make sure the breeder is legit and has good reviews - one way to be sure is if they are recommended by the Italian Greyhound Club of America: http://www.italiangreyhound.org/pages/200about_igs.html. I say this because IGs are notorious for being sold by puppy mills and sometimes its hard to tell from an ad if the breeder is legit or not. Good luck! I love talking about IGs - I can go on and on forever! If you have any more questions or need advice send me an email at johannainman@gmail.com.

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  3. That's perfect, thanks so much!


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