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Sunday Brunch at Bank Street Brewhouse

We love the Sunday Bloody Mary bar at New Albanian Bank Street Brewhouse. They bring you a shot of vodka and you can customize your own drink at the bar with different condiments, and load a stir-stick skewer with pickles, stuffed olives, cheese cubes and other snacks. For brunch, we like the Croque Monsieur with pommes frites or the chorizo hash, although everything I've tried at Bank Street has always been delicious. We like their beers, too! 

Our view at the Kentucky Center of the Arts

Kurt and I recently saw Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert speak during their Good vs. Evil tour at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. I'm particularly fond of Bourdain's travel talk, and since we're gearing up for a trip to Vietnam this summer, his "Grandmother rule" resonates with me when I think about eating abroad. This basically means that despite whatever food hang-ups, preferences or diet you subscribe to, if you are a guest in another country (especially at another person's home), "You eat what's on your fucking plate. That's  called fucking manners." Why, hello there, roasted insects, snake wine, fermented baby birds (GULP) ... 

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Lazy Sunday. 

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A few dinners we've enjoyed lately: (from left) Pupusas with spicy cabbage slaw, ceviche, 
chicharron tacos from Las Gorditas, lavender panna cotta with rhubarb compote.

Hi hi hi! 


  1. I normally eat everything anyway.

  2. i had honey wine while i was in vietnam which sounds delicious except for the bees floating in it. I actually had to use my teeth to strain the bees so i didn't swallow them so i had little furry bits between my teeth!

    ah travelling!

    1. Whoa! Why do I kinda want that now?


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