In like a lion.

It started with a typical walk to work. 
And then the sky turned green. Sirens! Tornadoes! Then quiet. 
Afterward, the most beautiful light.
We admired the sun all afternoon. 
The next morning! Hello, snow. 
photo (75)
The white breasted nuthatch paid us a visit. 
24 hours later: 70 degrees and sunny.

March comes in like a lion, don't they say? After a few gorgeous, sunny days, the weather turned strange. On March 1st, the weathermen were warning us of a severe weather outbreak. Not a watch, not a warning, an outbreak. The skies turned green. We were bullied by winds, rain, and hail, yet in the end, Louisville made it out unscathed. Just a few exits north, however, a whole town is gone. That day, 45 tornadoes devastated the South and Midwest. Soon after the storms passed, the sun dipped in and out of the clouds and the air was cool and crisp ... Oh! This is what March is supposed to feel like.

Until it snowed. A lot. I saw snowflakes the size of cotton balls falling in the light of the street lamp. We woke up to the first real snow of the winter ... in March. The next day, it was 65 degrees and sunny. All four seasons in a weekend.

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