Tiny Tuesday! We hit the tiny chameleon jackpot!


Photo via Treehugger.com

Madagascar is the only place in the world where a girl like me can be happy*. Why? Because the place is teeming with adorable, tiny shit. Seems like every time I turn around, a new Polly Pocket-sized vertebrate with big glowing eyeballs is discovered, making its photographic debut to the world posed next to a dime or irresistibly bear hugging some white dude's finger.

FOUR (4) species of wondrous micro chameleons were discovered last week in the Land of Tiny. They're all the rage right now on the nom nom websites, but if you're intrigued beyond the standard gasp-and-aww reaction, you can read all about their hobbies, dreams, and likes/dislikes in the New York Times.

* This is a quote from the Martin Short movie, Clifford. It is one of my favorite movies and I quote it often and obnoxiously, much to the dismay of those around me. I think it's time that you know this about me. 


  1. after watching David Attenborough's documentary on Madagascar, I started looking up airfares to the island. Unsurprisingly there are no direct flights from Sydney!

    1. We watched that too! And then we also looked up travel info! Turns out, they don't exactly have a booming tourist trade. I MUST GO THERE.

      Tiny pilgrimage!


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