Tiny Tuesday! Tiny beast in a tea cup.

Hidden Animal Mugs by Ange-line Tetrault via MyModernMet, found on Pinterest.

My coffee addiction would be so much more delightful with a surprise appearance from a woodland beastie. It just so happens that I always take my tea and coffee with milk, so the critter's cover would not be blown until its intended time of reveal.

After a little research, I realized I've already been a big fan of ceramic designer, Ange-line Tetrault. Her work is scattered all over my Pinterest, but I never knew the name of the artist behind these whimsical porcelain beauties. Each of these roomy mugs holds 16 oz and can be purchased at Uncommon Goods.


  1. i had a mug when i was kid that had a frog on the bottom and i LOVED it. it excited me every time when that little face would peak up through whatever i was drinking :)

  2. damn, they don't deliver internationally just yet :(


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