Tiny Tuesday! Pocket dragon.


So, here is a dragon that will fit in your front shirt pocket. It can fly. Science dudes are saying this particular creature may be related to the Draco Volans species of Southeast Asia, whose delicate wings sustain glides through the air measuring over 25 feet. THIS IS REAL LIFE!

Source: Science Punk (Article brought to my attention by Tiny Tuesday fan, Nikki. Thanks, Nikki!)


In related news, I made a Tiny Tuesday button to share. All who dare to click said button will be transported to a world of miniature-sized bliss, i.e. every Tiny Tuesday post that ever existed!

Whirly Bird

Disclaimer: Posting this button in your sidebar will automatically induct you into an enigmatic club of miniature fanaticism. First order of business is to see who can fit the most baby animals into their mouth.

P.S. If you would like a different sized button, let me know. I will whip one up for you.


  1. damn, having trouble adding it to my side bar :(

    that is so amazing, i can't believe creatures like that even exist!

    1. Oops, sorry! I had the code all wrong. It works now if you want to try again.

  2. hello
    I've only just discovered your blog, and I think you've absolutely made my day with this little fact.
    Dragons! They exist!


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