Kurt at Land of Tomorrow (AKA inside a Bret Easton Ellis novel. )
Product testing: Swedish Dream Indeed. This sunflower facial soap is heavenly. Delsym cough syrup is surprisingly delicious but no match for the death rattle trapped in my lungs. Gimme that 'tussin with extry sizzurp, please. 

How ferocious! When Harold yawns, sometimes his lip gets curls up in his gums to reveal a little snaggle-toothed canine. Even though he's just a doll baby, some people mistake his busted grill for snarly machismo. 

How sweet are these two dolls with matching copper hairs? Jen, left, with her best girl, Lucille tucked under chin. 

Just a few randoms to tide you over. This week I have lots to share: My prized pelmini recipe, handmade valentines, Cellar Door Chocolates, a candy parcel from Sweden, and homemade toaster waffles. All of this and more, ya'll.

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