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How we do. 
He's that crafty.
The Sunday morning Hot Brown.
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Special treat.
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Kurt decided to try his hand at shucking oysters. Many Band-Aids later ... 
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We applied for our visas this weekend.

Winter days have been spent tucked under blankets, with our Kindles fully loaded, and a ziggurat of magazines at our feet. We each have our own heavy and bottomless mug, always steaming full,  the contents alternating between earl grey or coffee, or in my case, Theraflu. I lounge around this way between long breaks in bread baking (sourdough). Each loaf is better than the last, though I'm not yet satisfied with the results. Loaves and loaves and loaves!

We sometimes come up with ways to get out of the house. A rare bar appearance, a movie, or a trip across the river to our favorite pizza place. Often we'll visit friends (Blake and Candace!) for very informal but ridiculously elaborate feasts that last for hours into the night! When Kurt is working, there are early evening meet-ups for drinks with girlfriends. We're keeping busy.

Thursday nights are craft nights, and the girls and I drink hot toddies while honing in on our handiwork. Since the Kentucky Gentleman (That is crap whisky, for those who haven't met him) has graced us with his presence, our projects have devolved into talking shit while sculpting a phallic piñata out of paper mache. There's been talk of bedazzled beer coozies and homemade lottery-esque scratch-off Valentines, or anything else involving glitter. But sometimes we just knit. Kurt likes to pretend to be exasperated by so many hens clucking around the kitchen table, but I think he secretly loves it.

Hope you're having a fantastic week. Stay cozy, friends.

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