January Photo A Day Challenge

In January, I participated in Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram (user name: whilrybird). Here were the challenge guidelines: 

Here are my photos:

Me breakfast
1/ Me. 2/ Breakfast.
3/ Something I adore.? These guys.
Letterbox something I wore
4/ Letterbox. 5/ Something I wore. Mittens from Brandy.
6/ Makes me smile. (Collected artifacts and love letters.)
7/ Favorite. Torrone!
My sky Daily routine
8/ My sky. 9/ Daily Routine. Where I work.
10. Childhood. Old friends.
Where we sleep. 
11/ Where we sleep. 12/ Close-up (Amethyst).
13/ In my bag.
14/ Something I'm reading. 15/ Happiness (is spending time in the kitchen).
16/ Morning. 17/ Water. There's a Mule in my water glass!
18/ Something I bought. New coat.
19/ Sweet.
Ehnle WEdding-257
20/ Someone I love.
21/ Reflection. 22/ My shoes.
23/ Something old. 
Guilty pleasure Something I made
24/ Guilty Pleasure. 25/ Something I made. Designed this Save the Date for a good friend.
26/ Color. Avocado and citrus salad, YUM.
27/ Lunch. 28/ Light.
29/ Inside my fridge.
nature (as art) me again
30/ Nature (as art). 31/ Me again.

Well, well, that was fun! So many Instagram friends played along too, so it was neat to see how everyone shared these little snapshots from their lives. I gotta admit, since I updated my iPhone to the 4S, I've become a hardcore Instagram junkie. It's my favorite app, for sure. There is a February photo challenge in effect right now if you're willing to give a go.

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  1. I love these! Im doing it too for Feb. kimbo_jangles
    AND my mom still has the Ernie that goes with that Bert you showed! My Bert got lost along the way, he was always my favorite of the two though ;)
    Great pics!


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