Whirlybird 2011, abridged.

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We're already into the second week of the New Year, but my mind is still lingering in reflection mode. While wistfully scrolling through my Flickr archives, I decided to patch together this collection of favorite photos and blog posts from last year. Nothing makes me feel more excited for the future than looking back on where I've been. So, without further chit-chat, I present to you the high notes.


January: (1/1) A fantastically low key New Year's with close friends. (1/6) I confessed my Mogwai obsession. (1/25) Our first sky lantern launch.
February: (2/11) I completed my first knitted project! (2/22) I took a photo every hour for a Day in my Life photo project. (2/26) Harold becomes the spokesperson for La Florentine Torrone.


March: (3/8) Homemade yeast doughnuts. (3/12) A maple syrup festival.
April: (4/6) Sunny afternoon at the soccer field. (4/24) Our annual hunt for wild mushrooms! (4/29) I ran my first race - the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon.
May: (5/15) Our first year anniversary.


May, continued: We went to Sweden! Stockholm. Gotland. The Archipelago.


June: (6/20) The first of many Sausage Saturdays. (6/27) We bought our first car together.
July: (7/2) Lots of fun on 4th of July weekend. (7/16) Our favorite cheap date, Las Gorditas. (7/26) I learned to braid sailor's bracelets.
August: (8/8) We made paper flowers from old maps. (8/10) Hanging terrariums. (8/14) A cabin trip to Red River Gorge. (8/30) My favorite collection of odds and ends.


August continued: (8/29) We toured the Maker's Mark distillery.
September: (9/5) Masters of disguise. (9/24) Marion County Ham Days. (9/27) My spin on the friendship bracelet trend.
October: (10/8): Harvest Fest at Huber's Winery


October continued: (10/16-19) A long weekend in Sanibel Island, FL.
November: (11/6) I knit a giant scarf! It is my favorite. (11/28) Thanksgiving and Black Friday Bunker Day.
December: (12/4) Christmas time. (12/24) Holiday cookies.


  1. What an amazing year you had, Johanna! Looks fantastic, I love your photos. Here's hoping 2012 is most excellent for you!


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