Brunch parties.

Top: There was a Bloody Mary explosion in my kitchen! Bottom: My masterpiece.

Swedish breakfast is not complete without kanelbullar for dessert.

Recently Kurt has been hosting a Sunday brunch in conjunction with a soccer match on TV. Now that the Timbers season is over, we usually watch Arsenal, but sometimes we have to settle for whoever is playing that morning. Last weekend, American television decided finally to throw soccer fans a bone and aired the Arsenal v. Manchester United game on Fox. I'm not too much of a sports fan, but I do love enthusiasm. Singing, yelling, beer drinking. I can get behind all of that. Even as early as 11 AM. Especially as early as 11 AM. Day partying is my favorite, by far, as I'm known to be in my jams and knock off around 10 PM. (Sad, truth.)

You may have noticed that last weekend Kurt made Eggs Hemmingway for the occasion. This time we set out an elaborate Swedish breakfast, just like the one we enjoyed at our friend Joakim's in Stockholm. A Swedish breakfast usually contains muesli, drinking yogurt like Kefir, and open-faced cold cut and cheese sandwiches on crispbread (We like Wasa). After brunch, we built ourselves a pretty kick-ass Bloody Mary bar. Bloody Marys are like lunch in a glass. I ate my weight in olives and peppadews. Of all the condiments gathered from our fridge door and spice cabinet, my favorite innovation was the Spanish smoked paprika + celery salt around the rim of my glass.

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