Bits and pieces.

An up-close look at Kurt's toy space man. 

Excited to see this movie.
Although I've recently traded my paperbacks for a Kindle, this stop-motion short really tugs at my heart.
You can see how all hell broke loose on our weekly craft night and other bits and pieces from my life on Instagram (user name: whirlybird), or if you don't have the iPhone app, you can peep it here.

Beautiful quilt inspiration from A Small Object.
Mason jar wall sconce.
Jen's pretty alternative to a mobile. I want one!

You must make this green lentil soup with curried browned butter. I served it with warm Naan and pan-fried paneer and it was a dream.
Love these healthy recipes created by My New Roots for Whole Living's detox cleanse. Don't let the term "detox" scare you away! The kale slaw and avocado salad will be making a regular appearance in my lunch box.
Danielle at Sometimes Sweet wrote a great post about cleaning up her diet and eating natural whole foods. Won't you join us for the Clean Eating Challenge?

A wonderful post about life as a ship's captain's daughter. If the writing doesn't get to you, Seven Spoon's photography and delicious recipes surely will.
5 Tips for Surviving Winter (The Swedish way).
Sweet words about marriage.
So Heartwarming.

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