Last weekend, on Christmas.


This year I baked less cookies than past years, although I was extra pleased with the ones that I made. From top: pink peppercorn pfeffernusse, Danish cardamom crescents, dark chocolate pistachio toffee shortbread, and springerles. The pfeffernusse and crescents were new additions to my cookie routine, but I think they're here to stay for years to come. I love old world cookies, especially those from Germany and Nordic countries.  

All the babes: Savannah, Juliet, Zoey and Vincent
Christmas Eve was spent with my ever multiplying family (I now have 6 nieces and nephews!), followed by a late supper with Kurt's Mom at our house. On Christmas Day we watched my favorite Christmas movie and walked the pups around our neighborhood to gawk at the "Griswald" house. 

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Stocking loot!
Our house is very festive this time of year.
I'll be sad to pack up my twinkle lights and Christmas trinkets. It never fails, every year when I take down our decorations, I realize how cold and bare our place seems. Then I'm motivated to spruce up the place. Our home transforms the most during the coldest months after Christmas. New house plants appear on the window sills, forgotten prints are framed, and little splashes of color are injected into the drabbest corners. Then of course, Spring arrives, and we abandon our fixer-up plans until winter comes again. 


  1. Hey Johanna, do you use a mold, cutters, or rolling pin for your springerles? And what brand?

  2. I use molds. I have this one from Springerle Joy (3513) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fbfjhllmkehmdajjlkolhdjjlfcmmlpl# and before Christmas this year I was also given one of these large 8-cookie molds from House on the Hill. http://houseonthehill.net/cookie-molds/springerle-presses/

    You can find the House on the Hill ones at Cooking at the Cottage on Lexington Road. They are really beautiful and worth the price! I hang them on my wall all year around.

    (I also use House on the Hill's Springerle recipe. It's the best I've tried so far.)


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