Holiday links for the easily distracted.

I think I'm hilarious.

Have you heard of the Christmas Pooping Log, Tio de Nadal? In the days leading up to Christmas, Catalan families "feed" a hollowed out log by stuffing it with treats. On Christmas, children beat it with sticks and order it to poop! Also - I am not kidding - since the 17th century, Catalan nativity scenes have included a figurine of a pooping man, the Caganer. WHAT! 

The Krampus eats naughty children for Christmas dinner. He terrifies me!  

Drunk History Christmas edition Starring Ryan Gossling!

A Descendents Christmas sweater.

A neat trick: Go to google.Type in "let it snow." Ooooh, pretty!

Looking forward to making this for Christmas dinner:
Endive, pear and roquefort salad
Chestnut soup - Pureed roasted chestnuts make a very creamy, rich soup. 
Perfect popovers - My go-to popover recipe. 
Mashed celeriac - Who knew celery root was so delicious? We've been making this in place of mashed potatoes. 
Pot roasted guinea fowl with sage, celery and blood orange

I agree with Bon Appetit's 5-step formula for a good holiday party. 

Jen and her husband made this clever year-in-review infographic to send with their Christmas cards. Way cool. 

I ordered a set of these flannel sheets (the reindeer ones) and a pair of new pjs. I'm all set for hibernation. 

An early Christmas present from Kurt. He's been making me special coffee drinks! 

Some of our favorite Yuletide trinkets, the Tomten and the Yule goat

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