Christmas Time


A few photos from my life lately (from top to left):

1. & 2. We always pick out a tree from the fruit market down the street. Kurt carries it home because he is mighty. 
2. Harold has spent the majority of December curled up under afghans. He has the expert ability to get under any blanket in two seconds flat. When there are no blanket around to build his nest, he becomes cranky. He barks at me while doing a little tap dance around my feet, his way of throwing a temper tantrum. If I happen to be wearing a skirt, he'll try to snuggle up under it! 
3. We stocked up on Happy Socks.
4. Theo's seasonal chocolate bars are my favorite. 
5. As the Swedes say, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. I finally invested in a serious pair of waterproof rain boots. No more soggy socks.
6. Remember my needle felted pups? I've re-opened my felting workshop to make a few custom pet ornaments. It's been time consuming, but I've really enjoyed it.
7. Two months ago, I earnestly began sprinkling seeds and breadcrumbs on our kitchen window sill, hoping to attract a few bird friends. Finally, the neighborhood birds took note! We just purchased a suet feeder to set on the window sill and I have regular visits from cardinals, downy woodpeckers, tufted titmice and brown nuthatches. This little fellow stood peering in at us for a good while one morning. I think he was just as fascinated with us we were of him! 

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