Thanksgiving Game Plan


What are you making for Thanksgiving? We're having a small get-together at home. Here are a few recipes I'm looking forward to making tomorrow. A few are favorites I've made many times before, like the brussels sprouts salad, gnocchi, and bubble-top brioches.

Shaved brussels sprouts salad with red onion, lemon and pecorino - This is a favorite around our house. Raw brussels sprouts, thinly sliced, make a delicate slaw and I love it paired with a tangy-sweet mustard vinaigrette. I like to add a sprinkling of toasted walnuts, too.
Sweet potato gnocchi with browned butter and sage - Our friend Corey recently made us the best sweet potato gnochhi. Since then, I've had my heart set on creating something similar, with fried sage leaves and a bit of crispy pancetta, Mmmm.
Glazed duck with clementine sauce  - The Mr. actually hates turkey. Personally, I'm neutral about the bird, although I insist on the prototypical Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. This year, we compromised. I'm picking up some roast turkey for sandwiches, and we're roasting a duck (two, actually) for Thanksgiving dinner.
Yukon Gold and fennel puree with rosemary butter - I'm always looking for ways to dress up mashed potatoes.
Bubble top brioches - Here's a recipe from the queen of French baking, Dorie Greenspan. These are the best there are, as far as dinner rolls are concerned.
Duck fat roasted root vegetables - Whenever I roast duck, I fashion a little rack out of carrot planks. As the duck cooks, the fat soaks into the vegetables and they get really caramelized and delicious. There's no better way to take advantage of duck fat.  It is liquid gold! Truth.
Goat cheese custards with figs and balsamic syrup - I'm hung up on goat cheese desserts. This sounds heavenly. I might attempt something similar, only with a fig and ginger compote.
Honey maple pecan tart - Last weekend in Chicago, I tried a bourbon pecan tart from the French bakery, La Boulangerie. It has been on my mind for days! I must recreate ... but how did they get the filling so silky smoov?

Whoa! I better get started. Like, now ....

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