Guide to Black Friday Bunker Day

Nearly four years ago, Kurt and I declared that the day after Thanksgiving will forever be our official day of hermitage. This made-up holiday, "Black Friday Bunker Day", is probably the most revered and anticipated event of the year in our household. Traditionally, the day begins after we've slept in as long as our internal clocks will allow. Once we're awake, we waste no time in building the most fabulous blanket fort, a cavernous hide-away bolstered with couch cushions and draped with a patchwork of bedspreads, sheets and afghans. We spend the bulk of our day watching movies, napping, and nibbling on an array of carefully chosen snacks. We leave the house only to walk our dogs. 
Coziness is key. Would you like to forgo the shopping frenzy and join us next Friday? Here are a few ideas for the ultimate BFBD celebration. 

A Guide Black Friday Bunker Day
A few essentials: 
1. Starry string lights from Restoration Hardware, $15 - These would give our fort a nice cozy glow. 
2. BFBD is the perfect day to cuddle up and watch your favorite trilogy or lengthy movie. In the past, we've watched The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Braveheart. This year we are considering the Bourne trilogy or perhaps the Millineum series. Some other sure bets would be the BBC's Human Planet or trying out a popular television series you've never had a chance to see. (Ahem, I've never seen Breaking Bad, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire ... I don't have cable.) 
3. Cozy blankets are a must. Beneath every good blanket food, there is a comfy pallet of soft blankets. 
4. Gotta wear PJ's. Maybe these thermal PJ pants and this awesome knit sweatshirt
5. A nice candle with a natural scent makes things warm and homey. Here is a fig & rosewood candle by Luminology. 
6. This home planetarium would be a rad addition to any blanket fort. 
10. A deluxe fort kit for those not yet accomplished in the art of fort building. 
11. Warm knit booties from Toast. 
12. A porcelain squirrel lamp. I'm not sure why this is essential, other than the fact that I love it and it would look cute nestled beside my napping quarters. 

A word on snacking. 
Black Friday Bunker Day is not the time to scrimp in the snack department. Cooking is out of the question, so all effort are funneled into an elaborate spread of snacks which are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you're already equipped with delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, that's great! We're partial to a cheese board and charcuterie plate, with fresh fruit, olives and nuts. We've been known to crack open a bottle of wine before noon. Beers from Bells or Three Floyds are usually stocked in the fridge, as well as a Lambic and a few bottles of fizzy water. ::burp:: 

P.S. My first post on BFBD in 2009.


  1. this sounds like the best holiday ever! i never EVER venture out for shopping on black friday and usually just end up hanging out with the family that day. this year shall be no exception.

    my very favorite thing to do on black friday is to have Friendsgiving . . where friends bring over all their leftovers from Thursday and we do it all over again. but with friends. that's what i'm talkin about.

  2. Friendsgiving is brilliant! You should post about it and we can have dueling anti Black Friday posts!

  3. This sounds awesome! It's been way too many years since I've made a fort. Despite not having Thanksgiving in Australia, I feel I should do this anyway. Any excuse for a fort, right?

  4. sounds like a day to look forward too!

  5. this is one of the best ideas i've heard in awhile. while it's possibly a bit too warm in sydney for a fort, i don't care, this must happen next rainy weekend!


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