Photo post! Black Friday Bunker Day + Thanksgiving

The morning of Thanksgiving, I shot out of bed and started braising a duck, baking bread and rolling out tart dough. See my notes? I mapped out a cooking timeline so that I would stay on track. By 10 AM all the windows in our house were fogged up from so much cooking! 
After Thanksgiving dinner, I cut loose with literally the tiniest shot of whisky (above). And then a regular sized shot of whiskey. I am wearing a shirt with John Travolta on it. 
The next morning, caramel pecan tart for breakfast! Pie breakfasts are the best kind. 
Black Friday Bunker Day
How sweet is this guy?
Black Friday Bunker Day spread
Black Friday Bunker day was a success! We amassed a collection of snacks, including a pile of pumpkin whoopie pies with maple marshmallow cream and a handsome charcuterie plate made from a collection of cured meats procured in Chicago the previous weekend. We lounged all day under blankets while watching The Millennium Trilogy.  

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